Welcome to Boston® Real Mayonnaise a sauce of delight

You love mayonnaise. Whether you are a caterer or a consumer, you savour the way a really fine mayonnaise can lift a meal or snack out of the ordinary.

Welcome to Boston® Real Mayonnaise, a dressing that has been on the market since 1996 and is as fresh and tasty as it was all those years ago.

If you like your mayonnaise on salads or sandwiches – or even on its own, straight out of the jar – and whether you prefer a generous splash or the merest subtle drop, Boston® Real Mayonnaise is the perfect accompaniment to your meal.

The history of Boston® Real Mayonnaise

Our product was launched in 1996 by Mohammad Nilforoushan, an experienced businessman with expertise in the creation and distribution of an enormous range of products in the catering industry and beyond.

He wanted to launch a premium quality mayonnaise which could be used in sandwiches and on a variety of other foods. It had to be thick, creamy and above all, refreshingly tasty.

Production took place originally in England but moved to Cologne in Germany two years later.

The years since have seen constant refinements to the ingredients, while in 2009 the levels of fat and sugar in our mayonnaise was reduced.

Since 2010 Boston® Real Mayonnaise has been produced at a dedicated site in northern Germany.

Started 1996
further taste
improvement in 2003
further ingredients
improvement in 2009
in Germany

Contact us today to taste the difference

For more than 200 years, mayonnaise has been a popular presence on dining tables across the globe.

Now, we believe Boston® Real Mayonnaise is the right dressing for you. Made from the freshest, finest ingredients, it will spice up your salad, brighten up your baked potatoes and make your sandwich go with a swing.

If you would like to tantalise your taste buds, get in touch today to place an order.

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